#UberTaxiWars may increase UBER users

Blogger Sharon Mundia in an UBER taxi.

Blogger Sharon Mundia in an UBER taxi.

Change is often met with resistance, a statement that is only too real in the taxi industry. Since the introduction of UBER taxis to the Kenyan market in 2015, traditional taxis have been complaining of unfair competition.

UBER taxis use a transparent billing system that is cheaper than the traditional taxis. As a consumer, I would say that they are way affordable and efficient. They also do not refuse to go to areas where traditional taxis used to decline. I have had incidences when traditional taxi drivers hesitated to drive me to Eastlands in Nairobi, claiming ‘it is not safe’. After much persuasion, I had to pay double what I now pay to UBER.

A statement released today on their website partly read:

Recently, you may have heard of cases of isolated intimidation towards Uber driver-partners. These cases shock and sadden us, as these driver-partners are simply using the Uber platform to earn a living for themselves and their families.

Uber’s technology is open and available to all. Many taxi drivers have already signed up to use the Uber app as a way to increase the number of trips they make on a daily basis and boost their chances for profit, and we welcome more who want to join.

We are deeply committed to the safety of riders and driver-partners before, during and after a trip. We will continue to work hard to ensure a safe, reliable transportation option for the people of Nairobi.

The hashtag #UberTaxiWars has trended the whole of today on twitter. Kenyans On Twitter have been condemning the acts of attacking UBER taxis and telling the industry to adapt or die. Some of the conversations are below:






One thing is sure, that even people who did not use UBER before are now going to try it out.

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